For a period of 72 months from the original completion date of the work performed pursuant to this contract, GreenLeaf Painting warrants against the peeling, cracking and blistering of the paint applied as the result of inadequate surface preparation, and/or improper application on the part of GreenLeaf Painting. For full details on what your warranty does or does not cover, look at the back of your painting contract. Each bid will have detailed information regarding the terms of the warranty for you home. 

Because we are confident that our hand painting application will provide and protect you home for years to come, we offfer this warranty standard on quotes. While most Painting Companies offer a 2 Year Warranty, we take the proper steps and use the finest materials, to ensure that our work will last the test of time. The longevity of a hand application is easily demonstrated. Hand painting is expected to last 10 years, almost double the life expectancy of spraying. Time and again we encounter homes that were hand painted 11, 12, even 14 years ago that are still in good shape. Sadly, today most homes are sprayed which results in having to repaint the house in 5-6 years on average. There is no wonder as to why spray painting warranties are limited to 2-3 years. 

To learn more about our Hand Painting Applications please read our webpage dedicated to this topic.