Did you know that lead-based paint has been used on both the inside and outside of homes as recently as 1978? At GreenLeaf Painting, we understand how important health is. We take your well-being and the safety of your home extremely seriously. GreenLeaf Painting is licensed to work on homes with lead-based paint and all of our painters are trained to specifically comply with all requirements as stated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the ODHS (Oregon Department of Human Services), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding lead-based paint safety, procedures, and regulations. Your safety is our top priority. 


Older homes likely have many layers of paint. Even if the more recent layers do not contain lead, the undercoats still very well may be lead-based. The only way to be certain is to conduct a test. At the time of your quote, GreenLeaf Painting tests every home built prior to 1978 for lead. 

Anyone who comes into contact with the remodeling or painting of a home with lead-based paint can be exposed to the harmful effects of lead. The dangers of lead-based paint come in many forms: the lead paint itself, paint dust, paint chips, fumes and even soil. Lead dust can land on hair, skin and clothing. Paint chips, dust and soil can be tracked into the home. Lead dust and fumes are especially harmful if inhaled or ingested. 

Lead poisoning is very serious and may cause permanent health problems. It is especially dangerous for children and the elderly. Effects can include learning and behavioral problems in children and high blood pressure, kidney damage and fertility problems in adults. Please consult the Center for Disease Control for more information on the effects of lead poisoning. 

Please consult the following references for more in-depth information on lead paint hazards, procedures and requirements. 

Oregon Department of Human Services 
Occupational Safety and Health Administration 
Environmental Protection Agency 


* Only contractors who are fully licensed to work on homes with lead-based paint may do so. GreenLeaf Painting is legally licensed to work on homes with lead-based paint. 

* The work area is to be quarantined by caution tape for the duration of the prep phase. Additionally, signs must be visibly posted stating that lead-based paint is being disturbed. 

* Power washing of the home is for general cleaning, not for paint removal. All paint chips that are removed from the house during power washing will be vacuumed up. 

* For the duration of the scraping process, the perimeter of the home must be surrounded by heavy millimeter poly tarp extending 10-20 feet from the base. This will collect any paint chips or dust falling from the house. The poly will be disposed of upon completion. Furthermore, only wet scraping is permissible. Wet scraping is the process of wetting the area being scraped so that any dust particles will not escape into the air. 

* Lead-based paint chips and dust are to be disposed of only in heavy millimeter poly trash bags. This will reduce the possibility of the bag being punctured or torn. 

* All painters must use OSHA approved face respirators with H.E.P.A. filters that prevent the inhalation of fine dust particles and fumes. Additionally, all painters must use approved body suites while scraping the house. These suites are to remain on site during the work and will be properly disposed of upon completion of the project. 

* Lead blood level testing is done on all of our painters prior to working with lead-based paint. Testing is then done again at the end of the season to determine if levels have risen. 

* Heat guns that operate at temperatures exceeding 700 degrees and open flame torches may not be used to remove lead-based paint. This level of heat will create a dangerous lead fume. 



* Cleanup: Routinely cleaning up paint chips, dust and debris will help protect both the painters and the residents. GreenLeaf Painting conducts a full clean up process daily. All contaminated plastic and materials are bagged and stored at the end of every day. Additionally, we conduct a full vacuum pass at the end of every day to ensure complete thoroughness. 

* Disposal: The law requires contractors to properly dispose of lead-contaminated waste. In some cases, this has not happened. In such cases, where there is lead contamination present before we start the job, we will alert your attention to it and do our best to conduct a thorough clean up of the past contractor’s contamination. Lastly, contractors cannot leave lead-contaminated materials with the property owner for disposal. Subsequently, GreanLeaf Painting properly disposes of all contaminated materials off-site. 

* Contractors with employees are covered by OSHA regulations, under the Lead in Construction Standard. Please contact OSHA for further information. You can request a copy of the lead standard.