Here in the Northwest, the elements exact a harsh toll on our homes. The only way to ensure that your home is protected from the rain, wind and sun is to have a very high quality paint job. At GreenLeaf Painting, we are commonly asked whether painting by hand is really that much better than spraying. Without hesitation, we give a resounding YES! Here’s why: 

* Many houses in Oregon have Cedar and Hardy Plank siding. These surfaces are porous and rough. Applying the paint with a brush or roller ensures that all those hard-to-access points will have the paint thoroughly worked in. Additionally, certain sides of your home may be more prone to exposure to the elements. In these cases, we can customize how much paint we apply so that we can apply a standard amount on standard sides, but also, a thicker amount in more at-risk areas. These very essential benefits do not occur when the paint is applied by sprayer. With a sprayer, paint is shot onto the house and does not get a chance to be worked in to all the crevices and edges. Moreover, with a sprayer, the same amount of paint covers the entire house, regardless of where the elements are more prevalent. 

* It is possible to apply thicker coats of paint with a brush and roller than with a sprayer. With a sprayer, one must be careful not to apply too much paint. Otherwise drips can easily occur and a brush will have to be used to smooth the surface. Unfortunately, when a roller or brush touches these surfaces, an inconsistency known as flashing will occur. The inconsistent surface of the spray application and the areas touched with a brush show a different pattern of light reflection. The result is that everywhere touched with a brush will be visible. When hand painting, touching up or rolling out a heavy spot does not result in flashing because all the paint is applied with a brush or roller. The finished product with a brush or roller is much more consistent than when applying paint with a sprayer. 

* The longevity of a hand application is easily demonstrated. Hand painting is expected to last 10 years, almost double the life expectancy of spraying. Time and again we encounter homes that were painted 11, 12, even 14 years ago that are still in good shape. Sadly, today most homes are sprayed which results in having to repaint the house in 5-6 years on average. 

* When spraying, it is sometimes necessary to thin out the paint so as to allow for a better flow through the sprayer. Heavy bodied products cannot flow as well through spray guns because there is only a pinhole sized opening where the paint is released. The process of thinning can reduce the sheen and overall quality of the paint. It is always possible to use the best products and never thin them if applying them by hand because the paint travels directly from the bucket to the wall! 

* Hand painting is much friendlier to the environment for a number of reasons. Please consult the about us section of the website for a full overview of how GreenLeaf Painting thinks green. Hand painting uses less paint because it is applied directly to the wall. When paint is applied with a sprayer, there is over-spray, or paint vapor that disappears into the air. Usually, it is possible to cover a house with ⅓ less paint than when spraying, and the quality is better! Furthermore, when the paint is applied by hand, additional materials like tape, paper, and plastic do not need to be used to protect windows and other areas from the sprayer. Painting by hand is more efficient, better quality, and more eco-friendly than painting with a sprayer.