Best Value Guarantee


GreenLeaf Painting offers a “Best Value Guarantee" for Hand Painting Exterior Projects only. We believe that our system for painting home exteriors is of the highest quality, and best value in the residential repainting market. We offer this guarantee to you, the homeowner, as a tool in comparing our quote with that of our competitors’ bids. If you find an estimate that reflects our own quote at a lower price, and hire that painting company to paint for you, we will pay you the amount of $100. We are so confident in our “Best Value Guarantee" that we are willing to pay you for your time to search for a better value for you dollar. 


In order to ensure that our quote and that of a competing company’s quote are an equal comparison, each quote must contain the following in writing; 
1. All work performed must be hand painted only. No spraying of any surfaces, or spray and back roll applications. All areas listed as include on the GreenLeaf Painting quote must also be listed on the competitor’s quote as included in the bid. 
2. Number of coats of paint applied must be equal to one another in each quote. 
3. Competing companies must be licensed in the state of Oregon, business based in the state of Oregon, carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, have a valid Bond of $20,000.00 or higher, be Lead-Paint Certified with the OR. C.C.B.,(if lead paint is present on the home), carry a Liability Insurance policy of $500,000.00 or higher amount, OR. C.C.B. classified as a Non-Exempt Contractor. 
4. Competing bids must list the brand names of the quoted paint, caulking, primer, and other sundries to be used and they must be comparable in quality grades and warranty length. 
5. Comparable quotes must not use subcontractor labor, student labor, or be franchised businesses. 
6. Projects must contain identical prep methods. 
7. Work performed must be done between May and September of the same year that the original GreenLeaf Quote was written, and warranty timelines must match or be greater than that of the warranty offered by GreenLeaf Painting.  


*Property must be an owner occupied house, and not a rental or vacant home. Apartment buildings and townhouses are not included in the Guarantee.
* Contact price must exceed $4,000.00 on GreenLeaf Painting’s quote.
* In order to verify that the above conditions have been met GreenLeaf Painting will require a copy of all documentation provided to the customer from the competing contractor(s). Also in order to verify that all work was awarded to another company GreenLeaf Painting must be notified within 2 weeks prior of work being started on your home by the competing contractor. Customer is to again notify GreenLeaf Painting, within two days, of the actual starting of the prep process of the competing contractor and grant GreenLeaf the right to visit the work in progress to visually inspect the preparation processes as well as the application process anytime during the painting.  

Based on these terms and condition listed above, GreenLeaf Painting will determine if the competing quote did indeed reflect a match to the contract written and services offered by GreenLeaf to the customer, and if all terms/conditions were followed precisely as stated in the above Guarantee, GreenLeaf Painting will provide a check to the customer for the amount of $100.00 within 30 days of the documented completion of the painting of the customers home. “Best Value Guarantee" may be discontinued at any time determined by GreenLeaf Painting, with no advance notification to the customer.